image of 8 surprisingly unnecessary baby items

8 surprisingly unnecessary baby items

If you read my post about my top 8 newborn essentials, I figured it would only make sense to include my 8 surprisingly unnecessary baby items. As I stated in my previous post, there is a lot of pressure to buy every single thing to prepare for your little one. Between the extreme over do-ers and the extreme minimalists I really tried to fall somewhere in the middle. My goal was to keep it to a minimum but still get items that aren’t COMPLETELY necessary if they are practical and useful.  However, as I look back I found myself surprisingly not using items I thought we no brainer essentials! Here we go:

1). Glider chair. Who knew?! Luckily we got a really great deal on a used glider, which is comfortable and we love it! However, especially in the beginning, I found myself always feeding her in bed and sometimes on the couch. I was constantly feeding, every two hours (I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep zzzzz) and I just didn’t find the need to always get up, seclude myself and feed in the other room. Even now as she is four months old, I still rarely use the glider for feeding. It is nice once and a while to sit there in her quiet peaceful room, but it just didn’t end up being a necessity like I thought it would be.

2). Nursing Pillow. This one really shocked me. I researched the crap out of the pillow I wanted because EVERYONE said it was one of the biggest necessities to motherhood. I learned the Boppy wasn’t the best because it sits low and you still have to hold the pillow up to keep your baby high enough to reach your breast. My Brest Friend seemed much more efficient because it clipped around your waist and sat higher so your baby would be at breast level without you having to hold up the pillow. When I first used it, I loved it! I thought it was brilliant. However, over time I just found myself using a regular pillow. I would be half asleep most of the time and I couldn’t bring myself to strap into a specific pillow. I would just grab whatever pillow I had closest to me whether I was on the bed or the couch and that worked just fine for me.

3). Nursing Covers. I had a few and never really used any of them. We always had our Aden + Anais blankets with us when we were out and about and I would just tie two corners together and use that. Multi-use items are key, and this was one that worked perfectly for nursing without having to lug around a separate one-use item.

4). Nursing Clothes. Okay, so I had one nursing tank that I did wear a lot at the very beginning. It was from Target and worked great. Other than that, I really didn’t have any nursing clothes. As a new mom, all I wanted to wear were comfortable clothes anyways so I just pulled my shirt up or down depending on exactly how “comfortable” it was. At home, I would just nurse her with my shirt up. If I was out in public I would be covered up anyways so I just pulled my shirt up then as well. I didn’t find the need to purchase an entire wardrobe compatible for nursing.

5). Play-mat. For tummy time you need a colorful and interactive play-mat right?! Wrong. I really didn’t see the need for it because we would just lay down a blanket and do tummy time with her that way. When she got a little bigger and was able to play with toys we would lay her down and surround her with her favorite toys and she loved it! It worked great for us, and it was nice to just be able to fold up the blanket when she was done and not have another large item sitting around the house.

6). Carrier. Now this one I guess depends on your child. Mine did not enjoy being worn. I had three different brands of baby carriers and she just was not much of a fan. I ended up just carrying her in my arms or putting her in her stroller or her car seat. At home she would be fine in her swing, sit me up chair or doing tummy time. I never really ended up needing to wear her to calm her down, and even when I tried she just didn’t really enjoy it very much.

7). Nasal Aspirator. Whether it be the Nose Frieda or the basic nose aspirator given to you at the hospital, we didn’t need it. I never used it even once. I guess this too depends on your child, because if Liv was constantly stuffed up I’m sure this would be very handy. She never really has a stuffy nose at all so I never had a need for it.

8). Bassinet. What?! Not every person needs a $250 Halo Bassinet?! No. I just could not bring myself to purchase a bassinet that she would only use for a couple months. Especially when we could just use her swing or a pack n’ play. Her swing ended up being her bed of choice for the first two months of her life and it worked amazingly. I was worried that it would be hard to transition her to her crib since she was so used to the swing and the rocking motion, so we started testing out her crib during day time naps. She ended up sleeping way better in her crib anyways so we just dove right in and had her sleep exclusively in her crib. We had a video monitor to keep an eye (and ear) on her while she was in a different room and everything worked out great!

So there you have it! This list is just what I gathered from my own personal experience, and obviously, every baby is different so every mom will have different items that are needed more or less than others. I hope this helped you expecting mama’s out there contemplating whether or not you need yet another item or even helping you prioritize which items to include in your registry! Trust me, there are many more items that are much more useful! If you haven’t already, check out my post on my top 8 newborn essentials linked below! Thanks for reading!

My top 8 newborn ESSENTIALS


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    December 30, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Most of these i also live without. Except i swear by my Boppy and my Ergo carrier. I did find the diaper genie and wipe warmer to be useless to me though.

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